happy · sad · words

The end, the new.

Glimpse the last yellow of round sun before it sinks behind the pink, purple, yellow horizon.
A crow crows on the tree outside your window.
The car’s head lights fade into the night, you’re still waving.
The door opens and freshness greets you, the sun a warm lover stroking your skin.
The coffin rests at the bottom, the straps still attached, heads bowed.
Tiny fists clutch your finger, warmth seeps into your hands, a squirming bundle yawns, and wide eyes stare back.
The door closes, eerie strangeness surrounding you, you played out here once.
Claps ring all round, you won the bid, the coveted luxury awaits.
The dangling mirror of the car joins the fallen parts on the side of the road.
A squeal jolts you from your stupor. You ticket numbers all matched the ones on the T.V screen.
The crutches fall to the ground beside you and you stand up.
The signature stares back at you before you close the cover.
Its time to begin a new.


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