happy · Romance · Sexual

All muscle.

The engine growls,
My core tightens,
My blood sings,
The hairs stand on end.
One hand draped over the steering wheel.
The angry growl souds again.
He nods.
The door opens,
He walks to the front,
Bends over the open hood.
All that muscle.
I rub the sleek side of the reformed car.
My blood sings.
My body quivers.
‘She’s beautiful,’
‘You’re both beautiful.’
Smooth leather under my thighs,
Wind on my face,
Vibrations through my system,
Tight clasp of his fingers on mine.
He chuckles.
I smile.
‘You did well,’
‘You never could resit a great muscle car,’
Gear shift,
Jerked system,
I shiver.
‘I can have both,’
My foot presses the pedal.
Heartbeat fast,
Seconds blink,
My blood sings.
Muscles relax and tense.


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