African safari.

Vast green.
Miles of golden savanah,
Cool breeze.
Birds squack in the air.
Blue, blue skies.
Focus the binoculars.
Wildbeasts grazing far away.
The vehicle drives over a pothole,
A pride of lionesses moving in on the grazing animals.
Tails flap about.
Windows are down.
‘I really like it here,’
Too fascinated you hum a response
A hyena laughs in the distance.
Focusing the lens again.
A tree brunch swipes close.
‘If anyone wants to get out now its okay,’ the ranger says.
Boot clad feet land on the grass.
Hands stretched, my chest expands drawing in mother Africa’s breath.
My eyes marvel at her beauty.
Green, golden, brown.
A beauriful natures creations.
‘Look, look down there, the woldbeasts running it’s better than seeing it on t.v.
Lens focus.
A group of hyenas walk around the feeding lions.
Vultures descent.
There’s alot of tagging,
Long canines bared.
A bloody mess.
A chain that has been for milleniums and will go on.
Far left, a herd of elephants walk on.
A girraffe’s head peeks through greenery.


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