happy · words

Alone time.

White sand,
Blue, so much blue.
Curtains flowing in the breeze.
Well apart from the man removing his coat.
I walk down the steps.
My lips stretch to a smile.
Some alone time.
Time to work on my tan.
I’d miss the noise of my kids.
The early wake-ups.
‘Don’t worry, they’re in good hands.’
She been longing for this the last six years.
Alone time.
Have my husband all to myself.
‘Let’s make the best of it.’


2 thoughts on “Alone time.

  1. I did like this when I read it some hours ago and now I have read it again and I like the take you have made on this topic. In a marriage with kids it is important to find time to be alone with ones partner. I enjoyed this poem.

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