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Alone time.

White sand,
Blue, so much blue.
Curtains flowing in the breeze.
Well apart from the man removing his coat.
I walk down the steps.
My lips stretch to a smile.
Some alone time.
Time to work on my tan.
I’d miss the noise of my kids.
The early wake-ups.
‘Don’t worry, they’re in good hands.’
She been longing for this the last six years.
Alone time.
Have my husband all to myself.
‘Let’s make the best of it.’



Everyone's life view prism is different.

2 thoughts on “Alone time.

  1. I did like this when I read it some hours ago and now I have read it again and I like the take you have made on this topic. In a marriage with kids it is important to find time to be alone with ones partner. I enjoyed this poem.

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