sad · words


We all have one or multiple.
I wear mine when I step into this place.
Lashes lowered, lips stretching like I’m interested.
The noise blurs together.
The faces blur to a backdrop.
The lights blind me.
My body undulates.
Hands moving to draw attention.
The whistles like shards of glass on my skin.
Its all blurred together.
The uneding reality,
The unrelenting need to be safe.
The unforgiving fall that I’ve suffered.
My facade is cracking.
My innards stretched thin.
No hope in the near future.
The stares feel like olily fingers trying to clean me.
The requests feel like vultures bend to pick me apart.
The strobes feel like lasers of my subconsious freed to cut until I bleed all the good I had.
The unedning reality,
The unforgiving reminder.
Unrelenting to beat my spirit.
My facade falters.
My lips stretch until my cheeks hurt.
Notes are flung at my feet.
Notes are stuck onto my panties.
Notes play in my mind.
Facade, facade. Degrade, delay.
Its the price to pay.


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