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Road trip cut short

Bags packed,
Engine full,
Friends piling into the car.
Doors shut.
Seat belts secured click shut.
I look behind and smile, my friends squeal.
The engine growls as it comes to life.
This is it.
The long awaited roadtrip.
High school graduation has come and gone.
The window draws down.
The wind on my face.
Feet on the dashboard and music blaring out.
That’s what it was meant to be.
I lift my hand and clamp it on the metalic bar.
My face scrunches as I try to move my leg.
I can feel the weight of the physio therapist.
My leg drags on the floor then lifts before heavily hitting the floor.
My hands shake.
I can do it in my mind.
I have to keep pushing.
I have to want to be able to laugh again.
I want to be remembering this not enduring it.
My heart beats fast.
My hands now feel tired but I’m determined to reach the end.
I have to make it for them.
To be able to walk to their tombstones and take them flowers.
Sweat twickling down my temples, I lift my foot.
All I can feel is pain.
All I know is tired.
All I can think about is the finish line.
A chance to go to another road trip.
To honour them.


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