happy · Romance · Sexual

This is us

Hands braced on the kitchen counter I glare at him.
He glares back, jaw clenched.
I know he’s right.
I’m just not ready to let go.
When he leans his elbows on the island I’m distracted watching the senew of muscles.
His lip twitches with a smile.
Suddenly I’m dragged closer to him and his chest is plastered on mine.
Hard muscles on hard muscles.
Big hands holding his face and I kiss him.
Maybe we’re rough with our coupling because we’re alphas but its all I want.
His hand pulls my shirt off,
His follows,
Whiskers graze his shaved face.
I can feel his pulse beating wild on my lips where they kiss his neck.
Jeans are off,
My boxers next and his trunks follow.
The tense feeling all around us.
He’s all I want,
He’s all I can think about.
He pulls back and cupping my face moves to kiss my lips.
It starts slow,
Building into a swirl of emotions.
Everytime we do this I wonder why I took so long to find him.
Hands are everywhere,
Wanting to wake every parts of one another.
Deep breaths and male grunts join the fray.
Two men crashing into the deep bottom of love.
Letting go.
His fingers grab my hair and pull my head back.
‘Bend over,’
The growl does it for me everytime.
All there is around us is love,
As the tense whilrpool of feelings builds to a crusendo.
This is us,
Our love,
More than I could ever have wished for.


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