happy · words

The canal

I lay on the boat,
Looking up,
The red bleeding over my eyes when my lids closed.
My hand hanging on the side touched the water.
My fingers trailed over the surface.
The slosh of the paddle as it hit the water.
I smiled.
The warm sun bathing my face.
Looking at him from under my lashes, I flicked water on his face.
He chuckled.
“You wanted to spend the day at the canal don’t make me go back,”
But his smile said otherwise,
He liked being out here,
In the naked feel of mother nature around us,
Birds singing,
Fresh air,
I sat up and looked around.
Trees lining the banks,
life so still yet moving along,
“I like it here,”
I wasn’t under pressure out here,
The wasn’t someone telling me I needed to marry,
There wasn’t the pressure to want to break out of the mould,
Out here, sliding down the canal,
We were free,
Just two people,
With no worries,
Making memories to keep us happy when we were separated.
By the canal banks,
Life could wait.


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