sad · words

A mouthful of onion

Too silent,
Storms blow in those eyes,
Shoulders holding a heavy weight I can to ask you put down.
Strong strides,
Struggling strides,
Smothered soul,
Fool all around you.
You’re a mouthful of onion.
Decades too old than present.
Too contained to know to let go.
Heavy thoughts swirl around you,
Looming despair,
Silent cries breaking my heart.
Let me peel the layers,
Let me cry as truth stings my soul,
Let me help you.
You knees are buckling,
Soul too full.
Slump your shoulders,
Look beside you,
You’re an onion I want to peel,
A past I want to help resolve,
Let me help you,
Carry the burden with me.


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