See you all around me

Your face lines the walls,
Your tales line my mind,
Your exsistance paved the way,
Your happiness left a mark,
Leave on.
I feel you all around me.
I hear your praises san

around me.

Did you smile down at me?

 Coo me to sleep?
Watch my eyes open?
Was there a chance?
I know of you,
Feel the warmth from tales of you hug me.
Did we walk these halls together?
Lost in the world of gurgles and captivated laughter?
Memories take my hand,
Centuries line my path,
Questions cloud my vision.
Are you still all around me?
Kind eyes looking at me as I fumble around?
Can you feel the touch of my fingers that run over your face lining the walls?
Are my words better now unlike the gurgules we shared down these halls?


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