happy · Romance

Morning after

Eyes half open,
Time for a clean break,
Stealthily existing the bed,
Silent linen rustle.
Looking over your shoulder,
Still clear,
His breathing is even,
Eyes search for your clothes.
Top on the floor,
Pants by the window,
Bra on the floor by the bottom of the bed.
Silently dressing,
Muscles lunguid from exhaustion,
Another peek over your shoulder,
He turns,
Loud exhale.
Freezing mid-dress you wait for even breaths to sound.
Shimming the rest of the way into your jeans,
Finger comb your hair.
The search for you handbag/clutch begins.
Phone is on the side table,
Bending to search under the bed,
Found it.
Triumph is short lived,
A shoe is missing.
Bedsheets rustle,
Freeze and look up slowly.
Sleep laden sexy eyes meet yours.
‘Hey,’ he mutters in a rusty voice.
A small grin graces your lips.
Caught red handed.
‘Can’t find my other shoe,’ you whisper.
‘In the living room,’
Grabbing the phone from the table,
You smile
“I’ll see you tonight.’ He says.
Pink cheeked,
You waltz out,
Graceful exit be damned,
Next time I’ll stay in bed.


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