happy · Romance · Sexual


My back arch’s,
His big hands slide down the sides,
He traces my spine from end to top.
My hips slam down.
Sighs float in the room.
The back of the chair brushes my palm
Holding on tight I push up,
Beard whiskers rub my neck,
Lips touch my skin.
His hands hold my hips tights,
A flex of hips,
Our joined sounds fill the space,
Escaping reality,
Hanging by the balance of pleasure,
Skin rubbing on skin,
Sweat sleeking our skins,
Reality rotates out of focus,
My neck arcs,
His breath fans my chest,
Worshiping words rain on me.
We’re two,
In the throes of love,
The raw expression of coupling.
Astride my mate.
Our bodies tense and together we break off.
Into the deep.


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