happy · words

Out of water

Pulsing music,
Deafening noise,
Crowded space.
Writhing bodies,
Wide eyed,
So out of your league.
Body joins the sweaty ones on the floor,
Head swaying,
Hips follow,
Letting go.
Heart beat beats to the music,
Ears ringing from blaring chaos of programed and organised beats.
Hands groupe your waist,
Nu-uh I’m only here for fun,
Subtle refusals,
Shuffling feet,
Swaying hips and waists.
Feelng eyes on you,
Shiting bodies,
So out of water here.
Stumbling to a stop.
Fast breaths,
Heart beat a flutter,
Fun, different, one in a life time.
Out of water and satisfied after one in taste.


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