Blood money

Forbidden room,
Stifling air,
Secrets screaming at me,
Heart pounding,
Silent steps,
Picked lock.
The defining moment.
Sweat trickles down my temples,
Chest tight,
Hands shaking,
Truth scattering the floor around me.
Illegal killings around me,
Gulping air I look at the faces.
A deed catches my eye.
My throat constricts,
Its not ours,
This vast, green, land is not ours.
Forcefully taken,
Generations lied to,
Centuries of lies glare back at me,
My inheritance,
My entitlement,
Blood money,
Snatched by greed,
Blood shed.
Long buried screams and shoven in this cabinet fill my ears,
Terrified faces scrambling to save themselves,
Fear cloying my insides,
A massacare,
My liveyhood,
My freedom,
Blood money.
Its not ours.
Bile rises in my throat,
My body feels heavy,
Illegal blood shedding launched what we call ours.
Forcefully taken,
We’re not worthy.
Heart pounding,
I shuffle the papera back,
Damning files,
The death hidden in this room chocking me.
Blood money,
The facts chant in my head.


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