happy · words


Magical land,
Dainty creatures stroll about,
Some tiny,
Winged creatures,
Fairies with the fairest skin,
Other creatures in golden robes.
There’s kindness here,
A group of winged creatures fly by,
Wings singing their own songs as they flatter to keep the bodies in the air,
A hand touches my arm,
Curious eyes bore into mine,
I feel heat slither into my bloodstream where she touched,
A kind of warmth that rejuvinates,
Golden hair shimmers as the sun rays catch it,
‘What are you,’
The melodious voice slithers unto my ears,
‘I’m human,’
Wide eyes,
See through wings flatter faster,
She blinks,
When her finger touches my skin as if probing,
Glitter falls on it,
Disappearing into my cells,
That great feeling fills me again.
“What is that?’
“Our magical dust,’
She’s not aware of my reaction to what is normal for her.
Fresh air of the vast green lands tickles my nostrils,
A touch of flowers added in the mix.
My feet are suddenly moving,
Waking down an isle that shimmers as if painted with gold mixed with glittering green and white.
Curious eyes stop to look at me,
My eyes take in the,
How delicate it all looks,
A fairy puts her hand in a pond and the water ripples,
The surface clearing,
Buildings with pointy tops are everywhere,
The structures strong and elaborate,
Fitting thus magical look.
The land of different creatures,
A land hidden in the deep depths of the sea,
Shape shifting creatures work on a turbine far out.
Where has this all been?
Long doors open,
A crack of the perfect opening,
I blink,
Its as if I”be been summoned.
The curious fairies, shape shifters, water creatures that walked with me have disappeared.
Another door opens,
Melodious music fills the huge room,
High cellings,
Paintings on the roof,
Fairies fly past.


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