Nymphs in my backyard

Delicate creatures,
Ebony skinned,
Golden skinned,
Pale skinned,
Bodies swirl in the clear water
One head pierce’s the surface
Up and up she goes.
Delicate chest,
Water cascades down her body,
Hour glass figure,
Curves shining as the sun reflects the water dripping down her body.
A soft laugh leaves her mouth,
Head thrown back,
Her hands rise to meet over her head,
Body curving and her form disappears into the water.
Two golden heads bobble over the water surface,
Four nymphs emerge from the pool and walk to lie on the rocks.
Bodies glisten in the sun,
Hair plastered to their heads,
Not deterred by their nudity.
One of them arcs her back,
Plumb breasts curved features my eyes can’t stop looking at.
Another caresses the woman’s back who sits next to her,
Female chatter,
Foreign tongue,
Beings of a different world,
A brown haired beauty emerges from the water,
Back to me,
Firm bottom moving in a mesmerizing gait as she joins the others.
A world gnomes could never be part of,
Beauty I could only look at and never touch.


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