happy · Romance

The old couple

Grey hair,

Wrinkled skin,

Joints a bit stiff,
Worn smiles,

They sat in comfortable silence.

They didn’t need words,
He knew her

She knew him.

She put her soft wrinkled hand on his knee.

He looked down and smiled.
Eyes full of love,

I wanted that.

To be so old and still have my soulmate beside me.

She smiled up at him,
Eyes shining with love,

Her cheeks creased from years of smiling.
He leaned towards her and slowly, Shakingly,

Kissed her lips.

Hands shaking,

He took hers and gently held them. Emotion clogged my throat,
Through the years they’d said so much there was no need now,

I wanted to sit one day and bask in the presence of the other person,

Their being there calming me.

The old couple oozing wisdom,
The wrinkles told a story,

Their calm,

Their presence.


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