Echoes of my mother

She was different now,
Her walk had more noise,
She didn’t float about the place.
She was quiet a lot,
Her eyes weren’t bright anymore,
She didn’t see sunshine in the house.
Her skin was pale,
The way her body looked showed age,
She didn’t bask in moments anymore.
Her moods were different,
She sat quiet for too long,
She hardly engaged in things anymore.
Her schedule was different,
She hang back now,
She didn’t radiate with confidence anymore.
Her dressing was glum,
She preferred greys, blacks, blue,
She didn’t wear the figure hugging dresses and skirts anymore.
Her waking times had changed,
She didn’t have agendas for the day,
She went with the flow, forgot, apologised, not organised anymore.
She wasn’t mum,
It was a woman in our lifes,
She didn’t resemble mum anymore.
She never opened the house,
Things weren’t changed like before,
It wasn’t likw before anymore,
My mother had changed,
Her personality eroded,
She wasn’t the vibrant woman I looked up to anymore.
My mother was disappearing,
In despair,
The should not want to be this anymore.


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