happy · Romance · words

Stage two

We’ve grown,
We’re merging,
Souls twining,
The light burning brighter.
My skin has stretched to the limit,
I’m used to you now,
Our talks have changed,
Happiness soaking our insides.
I’m burning inside,
A bright star shining for all to see.
This is the next stage,
Where I lie looking into your eyes,
Bottomless windows that steal the keys to the steel doors.
Caress my soul with silent words,
Cradling my worries,
We’ve come a long way.
My mind has settled,
My heart is still a flutter.
My lungs expand,
You know what I’m about to do.
My walls have fallen,
You’re building something.
The past is sliding off my skin and form rejuvenating.
It was to be you.
The shock that shattered me like glass.
The wave that cleaned it all,
The fix.
Thoughts rearrange,
Gaps fill with comfortable pauses.
I’m not sliding,
I’m not craving.
This is the crucial moment,
Perched at the casp of discovering it all,
The rise from the ashes,
Beings stronger than their predecessors who limped before.
We are one.
The pair of pasts and futures.


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