The fairy queen

Clad in emerald colours,
Thin wings folded,
A smile on her ebony face,
Long brunette hair.
Fairy dust floated after her.
The long trail of her dress floated behind her.
When she held gatherings she didn’t fly.
Cheers rang,
Claps deafening,
She looked around and waived.
The thin sleeves covering her arms so delicate,
Her aura glowed yellow,
Her smile radiating.
Small steps,
She walked down the isle,
Her wings twitched,
Fairy dust fell from the flying fairies on the sides.
At the front she halted,
The fairies lifting the train of her glittering dress,
She sat,
The act delicate.
The audience roared,
With a little lift of her hand it quited down,
Her wings stretched,
The fairies settled.


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