sad · words

The decision

She’d been so quiet for so long,
Too quiet,
But today we sat around,
‘I’m having a double mastectomy’
I didn’t know how to respond,
Dad had been quiet for the last month.
Hands on her lap she wringed her fingers.
My heart was racing,
My hands getting that pins and needles feeling.
My sister whimpered beside me,
I didn’t look at Jason beside me.
The room was stifling,
Mum’s breathing was shallow,
Dad had his hands on his knees,
Shoulders hunched,
He exhaled.
Without realising it I had walked to the love seat they sat on,
My hands wound around mum,
It was all strange,
Suddenly the house was a place.
My mouth opened but no words came out.
My shoulders shook,
Mum’s hands went around me.


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