Angry · words

Paying the dues

No more time,
No more flippacy,
No more laughs,
No more smiles.
It’d caught up.
After all that time I spend running.
The simmering pot was whistling,
The burning boiling to the top,
The anger that had simmered for years coming to the surface,
I was to face it,
Just not now,
Just a little bit more time.
The feelings that had festered wanted a reaction,
For me to pay my dues for the patience I’d borrowed,
My blood boiled,
Mind turning at an alarming speed,
Jaw clenched I try to silence the voices in my head,
Draw breaths into my lungs,
But the air is hot,
It sings my nose inducing tears,
My lids burn,
I don’t know if its out of anger or fear.
Just not now,
Just more time to get it together,
Its time to pay my dues for the patience I borrowed,
My chest burns,
Veins on my arms bulge,
A reaction,
I can’t just sit here and be calm anymore,
I can”t just laugh and push to keep it at bay,
My insides writhe,
Soul twisting,
I’m not ready,
I never will be,
The red pounding through my veins feels like its spilling
My pores drowning as my bidy tries to purge,
The whistling gets louder,
My eyes water,
So much pent uo anger,
Its time to pay.


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