Romance · Sexual

The visit

I pulled the door open,
Sexy met me.
Knee length coat,
Coy smile on her face,
One hand on the side if the frame.
I watched her teeth pull her olumb bottom lip in her mouth,
I wanted my mouth doing that,
My cock stirred,
Shuffling, I let her in.
Her perfumed body slid over mine
And calling for mine.
Her hand splayed on my chest,
Fingers curling and grazed over my chest.
‘Fuck me,’
Her low chuckle slid over my skin,
Into my pores,
My soul curling around the sound.
I ran my hands over her body,
Her curves teasing me.
I pulled the straps of her coat,
The slow slither as they came off permiating the tension in the room.
Her brown skin peeked a sliver as it gaped,
Perky breasts pushing my erection the last stop,
My hands open the sides of her coat,
Her warm skin under my palms.
Black eyes smile at me, filled with desire.
She’s only wearing panties,
Lace, small thing.
Lord have mercy on my heart.
The silk lined inside of the coat caressed her body as it fell.
I cupped her face and kissed those lips,
A day without her I was going crazy,
Her Li’s slid over mine,
Sesually slow,
Her main vibrating and spreading all over my body until my spine tingled.
My hands caressed all over her,
Thumbs making sure to rub her pouting nipples,
Sliding over her waist,
My fingers hooked on the sides of her panties and send them off.
Hands grabbed her full butt,
I ground myself on her,
Lips devouring each other,
Tongues twirling over each other.
Her fingers sank into my skin causing a growl to escape.
My wild thing,
Without knowing we’d moved were in the kitchen,
Hoisting her up, I put her on the kitchen island,
She moaned and grond her wetness on me,
Lying on the island, she wound her legs around me again,
My towel had fallen somewhere,
Sheathing myself, making sure she was ready, I slid inside her.
Fingers twined over her head,
Lips worsjiping every part of her,
Her moans joing me,
We got to getting the edge off.
My skin slid over hers,
Her breasts brushing my chest with each thrust.


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