Demon and the snow

Sharp eyes,
Face hidden,
He’s got the makings of the desired ninja,
No laugh lines,
Low menacing growls,
Narrowing eyes.
He’s a shell of a man,
Eroded of his humanity,
Tested to be elite,
To what cost?
To tie his mouth and forbid him to ever say what he wants?
Hailed as a warrior,
Cursed blood flowing in his veins,
He was only a means to an end,
Just like his prodigy,
The white to his red,
Two souls alike but torn,
Discarded by society,
Out of fear.
Forging a path to take back his will,
To fight for the strong whom society disowns because of their genes.
The white-faced bandaged warrior,
Wielder of the giant blade,
Demon of the hidden mist,
Marble body of hurt,
Saved by his mercy on a lost soul.
Two together at last,
The demon warrior of the hidden mist,
Twined with the snow if the purest heart of a broken boy who never killed no matter how hardened he became.
The demon and the snow,
They lie on the bridge,
A remorseful jonin,
A smiling genin,
An excelling and loyal student.
Too strong to tear their spirits apart.


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