Wound tight,
I slept listening to you sing to me,
Your voice the only salvation I’d known,
My body limber,
You could calm me down,
You understood me.
Muscles quivering,
Brain pulsating,
Heart beating too fast,
Mouth dry,
Skin dry and clamy.
You’d fix it,
You slithered in my veins,
Silk in my blood,
Cloud like blanket at nights as I lay naked,
Eyes glazed and elated,
Your poisonous good whispers were there.
You never let me down.
Now I’m alone,
My hands shaking,
The inside of my elbow not with the usual prick,
The promise,
The sad comfort that made me smile,
I was your slave,
You used me,
I used you,
Drowning in each other as we killed each other
You were all I knew,
But not you aren’t here.
Not here to pet my head,
Not here to make the tears go away,
Not here to take the quakes go away,
Not here to slithers in my veins and whisper your poisonous song to me,
Not here to take my mind far away.
No white powder,
The mattress betheath soaks my sweat,
Its the only way,
My salvation.
I was your slave,
Now I’m a slave to focusing on not needing you,
My poison,
My mistress,
False salvation,
I must forget you.
Save myself.
Forget your lullaby.


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