sad · words

Middle realm

It’s different in here,
No walls,
Pale bright light,
Vast space,
My inside hollow as it feels out here.
I can’t hold on to anything,
My spinning in circles won’t help,
The spiral endless like the mad hatters tea cups,
The surface beneath me wobbles,
The light goes blinding white.
I’m alone in here,
I better learn to survive in here,
I’ve always snuck in and ducked out before,
Its endless this time,
The hard push that will change everything.
Its scary in here,
A space of no dreams,
A place of no emotions,
A place of loss,
Smothering awareness.
Its breaking me in here,
Smoky space that keeps filling,
Empty that will never fill,
Foreign that will chill my soul and kill me.
The realm of fear,
The realm of nothingness,
Parts of me stretched in all directions,
A dark place for such brightens all around me.


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