Standing ovation

The villain in the story should be strong,
A great villain will seduce you,
From their birth into screen,
Their gait,
Their manner,
Their voice.
The villain will have the dark qualities your hero would have only darker,
A great villain will deliver,
They will make you smile,
They will be entitled but jaded even to the sight of their future,
Its the voice,
Rustry, deep, piercing dark or red eyes,
The way they walk,
The way their fingers will stroke a surface,
The minimal way their hands will spread,
The villain will have all your attention,
A great villain will walk around you as you sit mesmerized in your seat like a cat twining itself around your legs,
Their views are of course evil,
Their outlook will mean death,
But a great villain will be the centre,
The reign of Ultron however how short,
A standing ovation,
A great villain should seduce you even though you hate them.


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