Are You a Smiling Sociopath?

The Pantsless Bear

After my co-author at The Bear decided to air some of my dirty laundry by making an outrageous claim that I was in some way responsible for the emotional meltdowns experienced by those who have been associated with me, I thought I’d respond with a quick little post relating to a particular type of sociopath that you might come across in your life.

The smiling sociopath.

Some sociopaths, through a relentless pursuit of their own agenda and masterful manipulation of their friends and family manage to escape the scrutiny and ostracisation that other sociopaths experience in their lives. They are a very dangerous type of sociopath.

They are otherwise known as a high functioning sociopath. Most sociopaths are found out quickly. People realise that they have an agenda and that their behaviour is creepy and cruel. The sociopath is then not invited to any events and is ex-communicated by the…

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