Posted in Romance, sad

Brought to your knees

It’s just one word,
It could have been a sentence,
The shocking space creeping in,
The suffocating invisible plastic,
It was coming,
Heart beating slow, fast then thumping.
This was the end,
The moment I could feel my legs give way,
Sagging, falling.
To my proverbial knees.
No words could be uttered to cover it all,
The chains breaking too fast,
Ones I’d tightened as I moved close to you,
Only one remains,
A delicate one that could be severed any moment.
On my knees I smiled.
A smile that would never reach my eyes,
This was it,
The breaking that was shuttering my heart as the silence grew.
It was over,
We were done.



Everyone's life view prism is different.

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