Romance · words

Nose dive

The hit,
Off the platform you go,
Body too heavy to float in the air,
Soon to crash.
As I take the nose dive,
I think if I was right,
What did I do with myself?
Who learnt from me.
The pitch black bottomless end stares at me,
Beckoning and leering with eagerness that scares me,
I’m going,
I look to the sides,
no movement,
The ground watching as I meet my end.
I’ve not come to terms with my life,
There’s too much back there to compress in three seconds,
Five seconds,
The wind gets chilly,
Someone is not ready to let me go.
Held securely to his side we suddenly hang,
The weight of our bodies hanging off a rope tightly clutched in his hands creaking,
It’s not my time.


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