Love · Romance

Our dance

My shaking hand lighty touches yours,
Skin so warm,
Your heart beat loud where my fingers rest on the veins,
My panic begins to lower,
Its been a while,
A long time since I let myself be this open.
My eyes follow the line of your arm,
Taking in the change you’ve undergone,
There’s a new sense of calm about you,
Your hand takes my other hand,
Silently reassuring me.
Palms touching,
You raise our hands and twine our fingers,
Unable to resist anymore I look up.
There are so many things you say to me then,
You’re just as nervous,
This is a new us,
There’re so many changes yet we know each other so well from before,
You hand lets go of my hand and cups my face.
I’m at home again,
Eyes welling up I cover your hand and kiss your palm,
Leaning forward you meet me halfway,
Our souls becoking,
Its been too long.
The way we hold each other as we savour the taste of one another,
Our bodies move as they did before,
Our dance reborn.
Eyes boring into mine,
Telling me sorry,
My love surrounding the words and accepting your sincere apologies,
The build to a feverish point breaks what resolve I had,
Bared to you, I call out your name,
Tears running down my cheeks,
Its been too long.
We dance like old lovers but touch like new lovers,
I latch on to you,
Finally at peace,
I am sorry too,
Wiping the tears from your eyes as you do mine,
I forgive you.
We promise each other,
We’ve matured,
We’ll dance till the last breath leaves our body,
Our embrace too desperate but content
We’ve learned.


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