sad · words

Wiser this second

There’s wisdom in the sad moments you experience,
The questions you ask yourself,
Do you regret the past?
Could you have said one thing differently?
Could you have listened more?
Could you have thought your words through?
This second I feel wiser.
There’s guilt settling at the bottom of the chaos,
I did all the right things but missed something,
The space around my thoughts let clarity in,
Suddenly I’m learning to reach into the depths of my mind and listen,
This second I’m growing.
I contemplate things and see a different picture,
There fractures I missed,
Marks that mar the surface that I put there,
I’m sad to realise that I was not careful,
The disappointment I feel now ages with knowledge,
This second I’m wiser.
There’s change looming,
A guidance I should embrace,
The seconds that tick by feel like borrowed time,
Like a mentor taking mercy on me to teach me what wrongs of my past are doing to the present,
There’s heartbreak,
A sad moment that I feel I should hold on to when it passes by,
These seconds leave me wiser.
Silence is not only golden now but a chance to see other pictures,
Frames that hold stronger meanings,
Surfaces that carry the weight of the mistakes that will teach me to be better,
As I sit here, the sadness that engulfs me makes me wiser,
Opening doors I didn’t know I could walk through,
This second I’m wiser.


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