Poetry 101 Rehab: Sleep

Spot on



This week’s prompt: Sleep

Some nights you are as elusive as happiness,

You tease me at bedtime

You say: come take me

Lose your self in my arms

And I fall for your lure.

Then hours later I am awake

Alone I look for you, only to find,

You have run off to sucker another poor sap.

You leave me dissatisfied

Unfulfilled as I wrestle with my physical self.

When I most desire you I find you laughing at me

Fleeing our marital bed I thought

Once consummated

We had a right and ownership of.

For so long we were

Fated to be joined each night.

But have you grown tired of me?

Do I no longer satisfy you?

Is that why I am left so often bereft?

Floundering, seeking your embrace

Your kiss your soothing touch.

Another night of tediousness

Tossing and turning

My body craves you

My eyes…

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