Drops of anguish

I watched as her eyes shone,
Clear liquid filling the bottoms of her lids,
Bottom lip wobbling,
Then a drop,
Clear like crystal,
Breached the filling dam and fell.
I watched at it cascaded in a straight undisturbed trail.
I needed to let her do this,
More collected where the drop had emptied,
Two trails now making their ways down her cheeks,
Yanking my heart out,
I had to be strong for her,
Her shoulders shook,
I needth interfere,
This was her battle,
My presence would be acknowledged later,
The drop fell fast,
Now dripping off her chin like dew in the morning,
But these deceiving clear liquid crystals held pain,
They were broken,
Heavy with the salty reality she’d had to endure,
My heart bled with hers.
The tears mixing with the pain,
Trying to cleanse that past,
Drops of salt heavy with wails kept inside for so long,
She needed this,
To run water over the bloodied, muddied temple that she thought too tainted for me to touch,
Her sobs broke me,
Drawing me closer to a specks of that pain she’d suppressed for years,
This was her moment to cleanse herself,
Curve a new her and embrace me,
My presence would be acknowledged later.
The sound of drops falling on her hands and thighs would haunt me,
Remind me that this woman needed me just like I did her,
Her silent sobs rose,
She was finally letting me see the raw inside,
Letting me hold her hand as she closed that horrible chapter,
Those drops were filled with anguish,
Those drops were heavy with salty pain,
Those tear drops were the beginning.


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