Until you’ve been bare,
Until you’ve exhausted yourself,
Until you’ve said all there is,
Until you’re done being brave,
You don’t see the blank spaces.
Until you’ve ran and reached the end,
Until you’re standing alone,
Until you’re convincing yourself it OK,
You don’t realise the blank space that was around.
Until you open your eyes,
Until you shake off the weariness,
Until you believe you’re stronger,
You don’t realise how much you could have done to fill the blank space around.
Until you’re wrapped in fear,
Until you’ve reached a point of no return,
Until you’re finally aware you’re not invincible,
You won’t let yourself walk beside others and feel humble.
You have to loose to understand a part of yourself,
You have to grieve to learn to accept,
The blank spaces around you are the building blocks that will surround you with strength.


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