Love · Romance

The lilies

Fingers sliding up your palm,
Eyes held captive by your coffee brown ones,
Dazed smiles on our faces,
You fold your fingers and twine them,
‘I love you,’ I whisper.
I do.
As we lie here,
A float an ocean of feelings,
Bare to the bones you’ve swam to uncover,
I am grateful for your patience,
‘I love you,’ my eyes whisper.
I do.
The only two lilies that gently rock on this vast surface,
Delicate edges touching,
Tender words,
I have been born again,
Shed the battle garments and walked into the temple of love that glows golden,
You bathe my skin with your heartfelt whispers and sigh,
‘I love you,’ my smile says.
I do.
The warm rays cascade down my brown skin like honeyed strokes,
The grace that my love beholds my feminine allure with,
I’m as giddy as all young get,
Illuminated in a feeling so strong as it wraps me in its warmth,
‘I love you,’ my heart agrees.
I do.
For I will love you just as fiercely,
As your delicate side keeps hold of my delicate one,
We won’t wither,
So bathe in these honeyed rejuvenating waters to the end of time,
For I will love you forever,
Because I just simply love you.


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