Romance · words

Charming maiden

Sleek exterior caught my eye,
Your friends basking beside you looked good too,
But I could hear you whisper to me,
Drawn to you by the mere sight of your glossy skin,
It was love,
Skin so dark and rich and smooth,
I wanted to touch and caress your sides until you sighed.
Yes fair maiden you’d seduced me,
Glowed so bright as you sat behind that glass and like a sailor drawn by a mermaids song,
My insides quivered with want,
A desire so heavy I bit my lip and willed myself to stand still,
When I wanted to kneel and worship at your feet,
Listen to that beckoning melody.
And soon you sat at my table,
With a curled wave at the top of your head,
Three little white circles around it,
Tempting me to touch,
To lean forward and breathe in the scent that wafted from you,
My brown maiden.
And then with gentle care,
I touched your side with the tines,
Creating a dip on the masterpiece that you were,
I wanted a taste,
To quell my desire even for a second while I sat there in awe and adored you,
Your skin on my tongue sang of melodies heard when Egypt was ruled by kings and queens,
Exotic tastes that danced on my taste buds and woke my soul.
Then I felt it,
Your layered physique tantalising my taste buds,
Sweet, lemony, coffee and chocolate,
Linked era’s that merged with such ease my eyes closed to bestow deserving love and praise,
You are what I’d been looking for,
Searching through deserts and yawning landscapes,
Charm was your name.
Brown haired maiden,
You are finally home,
Sliding down my throat with a cool silken taste that made things in me dance,
My unending moan was the loudest song I could sing as I walked around you and praised your beauty for hours,
You are magnificent.
So rare in your dainty physique and low melodied tones,
My sweet seductress,
You’ve captured my soul with your layered exotic tastes and I’m content to be your prisoner,
Let me taste another,
Smear my insides until I overflow with songs so poetic as I slumber beside you,
Let your lustre cheat age and feed my desire for eternity,
Charm was your name,
And desire you woke in me.


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