Love · Romance · Sexual

Promises of the night

Come away with me,
To a place where only us will be present,
To a time where nights will span longer than a year,
Rumbled sheets,
Dimly lit room,
Clothes scattered about the floor,
A place where only having our eyes open will assure the other we are conscious.
Come sip tea with me,
Sit so close to each other and hold the china forgotten in our hands as we make promises with our eyes,
Sit with me,
Your knee touching mine and pretend to not know what you’re doing to me with little touches and bare your soul.
Come along with me,
To a place where we will bask in each other’s presence,
A place where neither of us will dress but strut about clothed in the other persons gaze,
A place where you’ll look at me and not have worry edged at the corners of your mind.
Lie with me on the soft grass,
Look up to the beautiful sky with me and laugh,
Your eyes captivated for long minutes,
Lying beside me and not be aware of what your being so close is doing to me,
Now aware of the obvious that is usually oblivious to you all that tome you spend trying to catch up to life,
Come to a place where you will stand by the balcony with your shoulders relaxed and stretch,
The warm rays of the rising sun kissing your skin softly,
Come to a place where you’ll dive deep into my soul and hold on like I do yours,
The place where duties will be forgotten butbut later done with a lot of smiles.
Take your time as you look at me,
Touch your hand on my face as if tracing the lines of a rare gift like you once did,
More sure of us than the times when we lay together but were too aware of tomorrow,
Smile with me, radiating with that soft warm glow that always keeps me stable,
Be alone with me,
Committed to this moment,
As we sip coffees, play innocent and try not to rush love,
As we make love until dawn and finaly admit we’re alive,
As we wake and ignore the present pressing on our bubble,
As we laugh and dance around the house as if our love just began.
Come with me,
To a place of euphoric promises and wonderful sights,
Glimpse a mosaic of our love and wrap it around us with appreciation,
Come and indulge yourself,
Touching toes, twined fingers, caressing touches, tender kisses and feel the wake a slow burning love,
Promise me you’ll join me.


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