Love · Romance

Coming home

Her presence hit me all once,
Her existence right then illuminated,
She was here,
Watching with eyes that screamed her naked love,
Standing still and waiting,
Waiting for the moment I ruptured and let the walls down,
My salvation stood waiting,
Adorned in a flimsy summer dress that gave her an otherworldly look,
I was coming home,
Sinking into the overwhelming feeling of acceptance,
Of our love,
Of the most expensive and delicate thing she could ever entrust me with.
My salvation glowed with smiles,
So accepting,
So ready,
The flimsy dress flew gently by the breeze,
Her physique softening even more,
Wrapping my hands around her,
I exhaled,
Shaken to the core and shed a tear,
I was finally coming home
Our love was what home felt like.


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