Love · Romance

The cusp

Plumb pink lips,
Poised for a soft touch,
Nearly brushing mine,
Her hands held the sides of my head like a delicate glass,
Our breaths light and mingling just at the doorstep of our lips.
I watched her teeth worry the soft tissue on the side,
Like always she was nervous,
White pearl pressing too much on such a delicate surface,
She sighed,
Breathy and a little shaky,
My lips opened just a little to invite that part of her inside.
I don’t know how long we stayed like that,
At the cusp of nearly kissing,
No rush,
Bodies poised,
Longing and anticipation present in high doses.
It was now when I felt my soul stir,
Arching and stretching to feel hers hug it.
Her body moved and pushed her forward,
My heart stuttered,
Blood roaring in my ears and we both exhaled and her bottom lip brushed mine.
That first touch was monumental,
Sacred and soft like the rest of her,
Then I joined in.
In an erotic dance that turned frenzied by the second,
Our breaths one and only lips touching at first,
The smell of her lipstick mingling with our increased breathing,
Her hand grazed my arm,
Before she pushed forward and her breasts moulded on my chest.


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