Dark veils

What’s your darkest fear?
For some; it’s the dark, marrying too young, being left behind, not belonging, to name a few,
Mine is getting caught unawares by childhood memories that stir heavy levels of sadness,
A feeling that hugs you and snickers over your shoulder while you scream and try to squirm from its grip,
A feeling of hopelessness as you watch something so beautiful become wilted like a flower or leaves in late autumn.
Fear plucks you from the centre seat you’ve sat in for so long and forces you to learn to mould and become a wallpaper,
Fear forces you to learn the art of agonised silence because all your thoughts are jumbled.
I remember a time I could only watch from a far becsuse it was too late,
I remember a time when my warm childhood plays were suddenly covered in dark confusing veils of fear when I watched a loved one take a stroll to their grave,
I remember a time when I wanted to reach out but I couldn’t pull them back,
I remember a time when I realised that people do leave us and that we must come to terms with it,
Fear is crippling,
A lover so sensual but so twisted with tight clutches,
I remember a time when I didn’t know how to say goodbye but still had to watch,
I remember a time of hopelessness when my eyes could not shut,
I remember a time when fear whispered sweet nothing’s to my ear and basked to enjoy the feeling of my panic,
Again I ask you, what’s your darkest fear?


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