I’m not so sure of anything anymore,
Hell I’m not sure of myself,
Life feels like a million hands pulling at me from different directions,
Moments have become touch and go,
One second I’m overwhelmed by feelings the next, nothing,
I stand with my hands outstretched but can’t seem to catch anything.
I yearn to kiss you one more time with all the love we had around us,
To lie on our sides and let our eyes say the ‘I Love Yous’ we didn’t need to say out loud,
I wish to hold you in my arms again while time waits,
To feel it all again,
But I don’t think that will happen.
I lie in bed alone now,
On a soft surface that keeps tearing at my resolve evrrytime I remember its not your chest,
I stare at blank spaces now,
Kept company by phantom glimpses of our memories that flash and disappear as if afraid to make their presence known,
Most times I stretch my hand hoping to find you lying next to me only to be greeted my a cold space,
I’m not so sure anymore, where reality ends and the illusions begin.


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