Little things

It’s the little things we all hold most dear,
The stash of little monumental objects in your drawer that matter,
It’s the small smile of your lover you treasure,
The nearly invisible nod by a kid in a group at school you had just joined,
It’s the whispered words of advice before you took on something big, you remember,
It’s the small gift as a sign of appreciation that you keep with you,
The memories of how much we’re valued by others that matter.
It’s that little rebuff when you were young that brings the insecurities to the surface,
The little laugh someone let loose when you poured you heart out as a kid,
It’s the little but monumental tug of your hand when you didn’t believe in yourself,
The little piece of a broken ceramic or shell that belonged to a friend that you run your fingers through most times,
The unguarded ghost of a smile that graced the always closed face of your friend,
It’s the little wink from a rival when they saw you push your limits and win,
It’s the little things in life that we value more.
The glimpse of fear in the eyes of someone you always thought was made of steel,
It’s little trace of a sneer when you dared to love and it was rejected,
How they showed you how little you mattered that always hurts,
It’s the little voice that sits waiting to take you under that you fear the most,
It’s the little things that open a door to a different perspective in life that hold on.


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