A date with the moon

She sat pristinely in her high chair,
I rocked from where I sat,
Gazing at her,
But as the crickets cheered me on,
As the wind hummed with promise to take my words away as if to erase the bad,
I opened my mouth,
Confidence at it’s peak as the silver light shone,
I told her my secrets,
The wind sighed,
But the moon sat silent,
Not judging,
When my shoulders shook as I poured my despairs out,
Her silence urged me to let the tears fall.
She sat sad,
Her shine grew dull just a little,
The crickets lowered their voices,
The wind stilled in those moments,
As I mourned,
As I finally acknowledged I can’t always be strong,
The darkness leaning on the edges of the walls waited,
She sat in her high chair,
She let me grow,
Her silence gave me a friend,
A date we promised to have every month,
The wind finally blew and took my agony filled words away,
My body sagged for the first time,
My date with the moon had born me a new.


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