Upon the door opening she ran,
Eyes expectant,
Daddy was home,
Light steps followed the path to the front door,
“Daddy,” she exclaimed and was picked and hugged.

When the door opened she closed hers,
Heart sinking,
Dread building,
The threads of fear pounced,
He’d be coming,
Pressing herself into corner if her closet, she tried to calm her breathing,
Nails digging into her skin and hoped he never climbed the stairs tonight.

The bags waiting for her in the pavement she turned and hugged her mother,
Happy and sad to be away from her family she held on a bit longer and let go,
A wobbly smile on her face, she took a step back,
‘I’ll miss you ‘ she told ger parents.

The bus driver called out Hus name,
Sitting in the middle if the now empty bus,
He took his backpack and shuffled to the door,
The chatter outside the supposed school reached him,
At least he might make a friend,
Escorted by emptiness that always lingered he trudged towards the gates,
Three months away,
Still by himself,
There wasn’t anyone back there to miss him,
The bus drove off.


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