Angry · words

The tower where golden dreams lie

I felt her despair
Her silent cries that screamed her refusal
From her downcast eyes
Her fingers tightly clasped at het front
To her rigid body
My watery eyes only reached into her world through a silver screen
A barrier that stretched the longest mile
Her fear latched onto my mind
I cried with her
I wished with her
How can I be helpless yet so full of ideas?
I watched as traditions bound her into a silent lamb
I watched tradition lock her dreams in a tower and cut her mental limbs off
I watched as the darkness to her future swooped in with every word of those vows she uttered
Married at nine years old
Civilisations fingertips had just been a few years short of brushing at her doorstep
As the celebrating families carried her away
Her silent tears and neglected tortured silenced voice seeped into the crevices of my mind.


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