One of a kind

Clad in my dress shirt
She walks slowly to where I sit
She climbs on my lap
My hands skim over her smooth thighs to her waist
Her delicate soft ones cradle my face
She finally looks into my eyes

Naked love dwells in those brown orbs
She leans her face towards mine slowly
Her warm breath fans my lips
She angles her face and brushes my lips with hers
My fingers tighten their grip on her

The tip of her tongue grazes my top lip
Slowly I let her in
She kisses me slowy and thorougly
She holds me like a precious artifact
A drop of moisture lands on my cheek

Pulling back, by bottom lip between her teeth
My breath one with hers
She opens her eyes slowly
She gingerly pecks my lips and leans her head on mine
“You’re one of a kind,” she murmurs.


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