happy · Love · Romance

Melody of life

Like a figure skiting duo we glide
Dancing to the melody of life
But then I flip, turning through the air
As my feet touch the ground his fingers slide over mine
Gliding, smiling , understanding
He presses his form to mine
Still gliding, love shining in his eyes
When his legs give out, with grace I bend to help him up
Holding on my legs for dear life as his life crumbles, I nurture him
The music swells, we laugh, we plan
We fall with grace
Dancing to the melody of life
Our minds interlocked, he lifts me up, humbles me, aware of the sharpness of my iceskaters as I
We spin, our love the center of it all slicing through the don’ts and can’ts with gracefully arched backs and outstretched legs, faces unable to look away from the other
But its how lost he is being in love with me that he forgets the crowd is watching that transorfms my face
Its only us, gliding to the melody of life, our skates never stopping
The rhythm heating our blood
Always sure to take on lifts, spins and tosses.


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