Love · Romance · sad

Rogue love

‘I’ll miss you.’
It couldn’t be whispered anymore
The raw and genuine emotion bathing the moment
The past and everything leading to this surrounded them
The little wave and her smile over her shoulder was the last of her he could touch
She put her sunglassses on as she ascended the stairs
The build up of loss and goodbyes too much for such public places
Her shoulders grazed others as she passed
The tears cascading under the dark shiny glass curtains
The further she got with each step the rogue that love they’d had became
They were once lost in it, craved the insatiable company their emotions birthed
But love fades for some
Like the tails of her coat the remnands of the drugging love hung on threads
Shedding and splattering to the hard concrete with her tears
Lost but visible in a sea of bodies that missed her silent wails
That love that was so familiar was now rogue.


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