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His hands slide over my face like they’re  petals
Careful and caring like I’m made of china
Unblinking liquid brown peers at me
My eyes cloud with tears but his face never blurs
He’s my focal point
Illuminated in warm tones that heat up my insides
‘Yes,’ I whisper
The word so heavy with the promise and true
His breath shudders, jarring my heart into a faster gear
I can’t seem to stop nodding
The clear crystal-like liquid on his lids drop
Cascading down the rich brown skin just like mine
He leans forward to touch his forehead on mine
Our souls and thoughts one, eyes wide open as though afraid to forget this
‘I will.’
A tear drops on my cheek, the resounding splatter laden with panic, dread and releive he endured to this moment
A laugh escapes me, startled that we’re admitting to be ready for companionship now when we’ve weathered so much
My eyes close slowly,hands shaking, my head pushes up to feather a kiss over his nose.


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